We want that the students are more aware of the trash seperation and the consequences in the future. So thats why we designed Joop. Joop is a virtual character and knows a lot about trash. To motivate you to learn more about the trash we combined the application with gamification. If you do the quiz, you can earn cool achievements and discount codes.


We began with checking how students think about seperate trash right now. We found out that alot would like to do it but dont think about it when they throw something away. After this research we made a mindmap with all the things we heard and tried to connect the dots. We came to the conclusion that the students miss the conscious about trash seperation and the info. So to make the students more conicous about trash seperation we wanted to interact with them via a character. We decided to create Joop. We did some test with Joop in the Foodplaza and we decided to create a less angry figure.


We are a team of 4 people. We are all students at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. 3 of us study for Communication and Multimedia Design and we are really creative! And we have 1 Mediatechnologie student and he does the technical part.

Our goal

We want students that they seperate trash more often. It would be awesome if they know the consequences for the future if they don't seperate the trash. And that the students think twice before trowing an plastic bottle.

Get rewards

Earn rewards by doing one a quiz and get some awesome discounts in the Foodplaza.

Test your wisdom

Do the quiz and if you answer right you will earn points.

Want info?

Ask Joop a question and he will answer you as soon as possible.

Recycle for the future.

Get conscious about the global warming.